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As a primary benefit, solar power offers a way for you to invest in your home and your own energy production, rather than paying high utility bills every month. Add to that, knowing that every day you’re doing something to reduce your carbon footprint, help the environment, and setting an example for your family, friends, and your neighbors.

Today, making the switch to solar has never been easier and it’s never been as beneficial as it is today. Federal and state tax credits and incentives not only make going solar simple, but they make it a sane financial decision as millions of homeowners and families have experienced the financial release that comes with going solar. There’s nothing like knowing you’re generating your own clean, reliable power in the most affordable way possible!

Who qualifies for solar? – Everyone!

As a homeowner, maybe you’re not sure if you qualify for solar or if solar is right for your home. Well, we have great news! We are here to tell you that you do qualify! Any homeowner no matter their credit or the size of their home qualifies for solar. In fact, Expert Solar partners with a number of financial institutions that specialize in helping homeowners switch to solar power, offering various financial plans to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Reduce your electric bills and help the environment by going solar. Enlighten your home with Expert Solar, one of Florida’s most recognized solar companies focusing on premium products, quality installations, competitive pricing, and high customer satisfaction.

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    Expert Solar is one of the few solar companies in Florida that handles every aspect of your solar project in-house, making your transition to solar easy, while guaranteeing a top-quality installation.

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    Our Process


    Personalized solar consultation to design. At Expert Solar, we employ cutting edge technology based on satellite information and artificial intelligence to take every aspect into account and design a solar PV system that best fits your home’s energy needs.


    Once your system is designed, we help you locate and get approved for the best financing options that you are comfortable with and that make going solar make financial sense; helping you make the most out of your solar investment.


    Once finalized, our team gets to work to collect all permits and sub-metering applications.

    Schedule work

    Now the work begins! Once all permits and applications have been approved, our team schedules your new solar installation at a time that is most convenient for you and within days you’ll have your solar system on your home and ready to go!


    Our installations generally take 1-2 days after which we run the entire project through some final paperwork to get your solar PV system up and running. This includes swapping your meter and going live with your solar power system!

    Start Saving with Solar

    We leave the best and final part up to you – saving money! Start saving money from day one of your solar system going live as you generate your own solar power, gaining independence and financial security!


    What You Should Know Before Going Solar

    Watch your electricity bill disappear by switching to solar power! Here are some common questions and some brief answers. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our consultants who will be able to answer any questions you have about solar.

    How do solar panels work?

    Solar panels are made of highly conductive materials that use the sun’s rays to create direct current electricity. As most homes and businesses use alternating current, solar panels use inverters to turn the direct current into alternating current that then flows through your home’s property wiring, just like power from the grid.

    Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy days?

    Solar panels use the sun’s UV rays to generate power. Similar to how your skin can tan even if it’s cloudy, your solar panels will still generate electricity during cloudy and rainy days, just not as much as on a clear, sunny day. See Do Solar Panels Work At Night? for more information.

    How much will I save on my electric bills?

    How much you save will depend on how much energy you use, where you live and what your utility company charges for electricity. But in most cases, Expert Solar aims to offset 100% of your electricity use through a solar PV installation, leaving you to pay small transmission fees as little as $5 or $15 a month.

    How soon will I notice a difference in my electric bills?

    Immediately! Your solar PV system will start generating energy for your property the day it’s installed.

    Will installing solar panels void my roof's warranty?

    No, the products Expert Solar uses will keep your roof under warranty. Expert Solar also has its own workmanship warranty as well as warranties on all our system components.

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