4 Points to Include When You Talk About Solar with a Client

Every day, more and more homeowners are investing in solar installations as a way to reduce their energy costs, help the environment, and become more energy independent. 

While solar offers a myriad of awesome benefits, homeowners who want to invest in solar still consider it a very important decision and have many questions that need to be answered – rightfully so. 

To help you when you talk to your clients above solar, here are four points you should include in your solar-conversation: 

Give Accurate Quotes

The biggest reason that homeowners want solar is that it’s a way for them to lower their monthly electric bills. 

Solar definitely does that, in fact, the constantly declining price of solar power along with incentives are what’s behind the solar-boom we are experiencing today. 

But when it comes to talking figures, having an accurate quote is very important. 

Homeowners generally do quite a bit of research into solar prior to meeting with a solar consultant and sometimes meet with several consultants to gather information and quotes. 

Additionally, the calculation to go solar is heavily based on the price of the installations, will the monthly payments be considerably less than their current electric bill, and by how much. 

Pricing a solar installation is a very exact process and having the right quote, to save the client as much money as possible is very important. 

Know the Product

Like anything you sell or talk about with clients, it’s important to know the answers to basic questions as well as understanding the actual solar products themselves. 

Here is a list of things you should be familiar with when talking about solar with clients: 

  • Saving opportunities on solar projects
  • Reduction of monthly electric bills
  • Energy independence from the local utility company
  • If the local utility company provides credits for excess electricity produced
  • A solar projects ROI
  • Estimate of how how much a solar project will increase property value. 
  • What maintenance solar panels require
  • Available federal and state incentives and tax benefits 


Just because solar is booming and “everyone is doing it” doesn’t mean your client is going to agree to put a solar installations on his roof. 

For many homeowners solar as a large investment. Encourage your clients by: 

  • Answering all questions they may have and if needed scheduling a consultation with one of our solar experts
  • Provide cost breakdowns, accurate quotes, and ROI calculations to show how solar will reduce monthly electric bills. 
  • Be prepared to encourage your client by showing them examples, references, and samples of satisfied customers.

Ricardo SolArticle by:
Ricardo Sol
Senior Editor, Expert Solar