To Move Forward You Have to Give Back

Expert Solar partners with charitable organizations to provide support to communities and families who need it. Here’s how we do it.

At Expert Solar, we believe that the best reflection of our growth is the work we do to help others. But giving isn’t just about making donations, it’s about making a real difference. That is why we apply ourselves to our community and partner with charitable organizations across the world to bring about a positive change. That means with every solar installation we do; we gain momentum in fighting some of the world’s most prevalent challenges. Here you can see some results of our work.

How We Help

In partnership with the GivePower Foundation, Expert Solar provides solar-based solutions that power life’s basic needs for people in developing regions of the world. Using GivePower’s solar-powered desalination technology, a $20 investment can provide someone in need access to clean water for over 20 years. Expert Solar will donate a portion of the proceeds for every solar installation we complete.


Some 3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion, lack access to safe, readily available water at home.

844 million people do not have even a basic drinking water service.
263 million people have to spend over 30 minutes per trip collecting water from sources outside the home.
159 million still drink untreated water from surface water sources, such as streams or lakes.
An estimated 443 million school days are lost each year from water-related illness.

Water and sanitation interventions are cost effective across all world regions. These interventions were demonstrated to produce economic benefits ranging from $5-46 USD for every $1 USD invested.


Additionally Expert Solar was given the opportunity to visit Colombia to create clean renewable energy for the Amuyuwou community. Read More

As the need for reforestation is global and ever-changing, we feature where trees are most needed now. Today, we’re raising funds to plant trees in British Columbia and in California.

We have planted over 5000 trees this year and are planting over 700 new trees every month.

We sponsor six children through Compassion International, an American child sponsorship and Christian humanitarian aid organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado that aims to positively impact long-term development of children living in poverty, globally.


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