Solar Install Reviews

See what real solar customers are saying about the solar installation services they received from Expert Solar! Before scheduling your 100% free consultation and taking a look at your free 3D design; take a look at what our customers have to say about their experience!

Reviews by Real Expert Solar Customers!

Solar Installation Gallery

Reading customer reviews and testimonials is a great way to hear from real people just like you, who are looking to make the switch to solar energy, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a moment to look at some of our solar panels and the homes we have worked on to get a more intimate understanding of the quality you expect from Expert Solar.

Solar panel installation by the best Solar installer in Tampa, Expert Solar

Solar In Apollo Beach, FL

Look at this incredible Solar Installation project by Expert Solar in Apollo Beach!

Solar panel installation by the best Solar installer in Tampa, Expert Solar

Solar In Tampa, FL

Solar installations in Tampa are always happening! Check out the solar panels on this Tampa Bay solar home!

Colombia, South Carolina Home with Solar Panel installation by Expert Solar

Solar in Columbia, SC

Check out this Solar Installation in Columbia, South Carolina! Expert Solar installs all over Florida and South Carolina!

Does Solar Really Work?

Solar energy is highly efficient! Solar panels work amazing for homes and businesses! For many homeowners and business owners, it is most often a logical decision to make the switch to solar.

There is a very small percentage of situations when going solar is not logical for the homeowner. These situations include:

  • Your electric bill is less than $80.00.
  • Your home is completely surrounded by large trees with no way to clear them for the solar panels.
  • You don’t own the home or property. 

If making the switch to solar energy isn’t logical for you, then we will not proceed with your solar project. Above all else, your satisfaction is what keeps us in business. If we can’t save you money, and solar energy just doesn’t make sense for you; at least the appointment was free and you got the consultation you needed from the experts in solar energy.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Your cost of solar panels will be astronomically higher than the bundled prices that only Expert Solar can give you access to. Some panels can cost upwards of $1200 a piece even with a license! Industry access or not, Expert Solar has established powerful relationships with solar panel and equipment manufacturers, with which we have unlocked the exclusive pricing that is only available to a handpicked few throughout the United States, and we pass those savings onto you. You will never pay as much with Expert Solar as you will with a vast majority of other solar companies in the United States.

Do Solar Panels Void my Roof Warranty?

No! Expert Solar uses specific racking and mounting systems that maintain and enhance the existing structure without any negative impacts or changes to your roof warranty, new or old. 

What if I need a new roof first?

Expert Solar has an elite in-house roofing team. If you need a new roof, we can help while saving you money in the process.

How do I know if Solar is right for my home and budget?

Expert Solar is your one-stop answer to all of the questions regarding the eligibility and compatibility of putting solar panels on your home. Schedule your 100% risk-free no-money-down solar consultation and find out if solar energy is the right move for your home!

You will know everything from start to finish with our highly experienced experts and state-of-the-art technology. You will always be confident in your choices with Expert Solar. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are essential to our success.

What if I need home improvements like Windows or Insulation?

Expert Solar is an all-in-one home improvement and energy efficiency service that can help assess your needs, bundle your project, and save you money! You get peace of mind knowing that the experts make everything easy for you.