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The switch to solar is fast, thanks to new innovative technologies. Now you can analyze your home and get an instant preview of what you could have, all without ever having to set foot in your home or schedule a visit.

Solar power lets you invest in your home and your own energy production at the same time. Why pay high utility bills every month? Switch to solar, increase the value of your home, and save money the moment you go live.

When you switch to Solar with Expert Solar you’ll gain an extra spring in your step, knowing that every day you’re doing something to help the environment and setting a positive example for your family, friends, and neighbors; all while saving money.

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Tax credits and incentives make going solar simple, and a positive financial decision. Millions of homeowners and families have experienced the financial freedom that comes with going solar.

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Qualify For Solar

Homeowners ask themselves “How do I know if I qualify for solar?” or “Can I get solar if I have a low credit score?”

We have great news! You qualify!

Any homeowner, no matter the credit score or size of their home; qualifies for solar. To make sure you qualify, Expert Solar partners with the best financial institutions that specialize in helping homeowners switch to solar power. You get an incredible selection, with various financial plans to choose from that other solar companies struggle to get!

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Reduce your electric bills, increase your home value, protect your roof, and help the environment by going solar. Bring your home into the future today with Expert Solar, one of Florida’s most recognized solar companies focusing on premium products, quality installations, competitive pricing, and high customer satisfaction.

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When you choose Expert Solar for your home solar installation, you will rest easy knowing that all of your solar installation services, financing options, and customer service are all taken care of under one roof.

You work soley with Expert Solar, instead of multiple sub-contractors. Live worry-free when you work with Expert Solar and avoid the mess of trying to figure out who did what for your home.

Solar installation and post-installation care services are always handled with the utmost speed and quality by Expert Solar.

From start to finish your solar system is serialized, expertly documented, and covered by industry-leading warranties, giving you the peace of mind you need for your new solar panels.

Your roof warranty stays intact, so even if you got your roof from someone else, you won’t need to worry about voiding your warranty thanks to our team of Expert Solar installers that apply state-of-the-art techniques in solar installations.

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    First, get your FREE personalized 3D Solar Design with our risk-free consultation. Every aspect of your home and home solar project is professionally analyzed and created by our highly trained expert solar team to fit your home’s energy needs.


    Once your system is designed, we tap you into the best financing options available so you can pick the one that fits you. Expert Solar makes the switch to solar your best decision yet! You make the most out of your solar investment with Expert Solar.


    After approval, we start! Our team gets to work on filing all of the permits and applications.

    Solar Installation

    Upon approval of your permits and applications, you will be ready to schedule your solar installation and the work begins! Within days you’ll have your solar system installed!

    Solar Install Timeframe

    Your solar installation will take an average of 1-2 days to complete. After your solar panels are installed, the final paperwork is filed with the electric company, allowing them to measure your solar contributions to the grid.

    Start Saving with Solar

    Start saving money the moment you’re connected. Generate your own solar power, regain independence, and embrace the financial security with the power of your new solar home!


    Questions From People Like You

    Here are some common questions and brief answers asked by our customers before they make the switch to solar energy. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our Experts who will be able to answer any questions you have about solar.

    How does solar reduce or eliminate my electric bill?

    As soon as your solar system is interconnected, you will be eligible to receive credit.

    You will sign a net-metering agreement with your utility company through Expert Solar. Once your solar system is approved, your solar panels will generate credits by transferring energy to the electric company.

    The credits generated are how your solar system will effectively pay your electric bill off, leaving you only with the connection fee if applicable.

    Carefully consider how your solar system will generate enough credits by consulting with our experts to offset your energy consumption for the foreseeable future.

    Will installing solar panels void my roof's warranty?

    No, the products Expert Solar uses will keep your roof under warranty. Expert Solar also has its own workmanship warranty as well as warranties on all our system components.

    How do I qualify for the solar tax credit?

    • Eligibility:
      • You must have made energy-saving improvements to your home located in the United States.
      • The credit applies to new or existing homes.
      • You can’t claim the credit if you’re a landlord or other property owner who doesn’t live in the home.
    • Qualified Expenses:
      • The cost of the new clean energy property, including solar electric panels, solar water heaters, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps, and battery storage technology (starting in 2023).
      • Labor costs for installation and connection to the home.
    • Claiming the Credit:
      • The credit is nonrefundable, meaning it can’t exceed the amount you owe in tax.
      • Excess unused credit can be carried forward to future years.
      • There is no annual or lifetime dollar limit except for fuel cell property.

    How do solar panels work?

    Solar panels are made of highly conductive materials that use the sun’s rays to create direct current electricity. As most homes and businesses use alternating current, solar panels use inverters to turn the direct current into alternating current that then flows through your home’s property wiring, just like power from the grid.

    How much carbon (CO2) does the average solar home in Florida reduce?

    The average solar home in Florida can account for up to 229 trees. The average tree can absorb and clean up to 48lbs of CO2 (carbon) each year. The average home can clean an average of 11,000 lbs of carbon emissions per year. The more homes that go solar, the greater impact we can have on reducing carbon emissions and doing more for our environment!

    Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy days?

    Solar panels use the sun’s UV rays to generate power. Similar to how your skin can tan even if it’s cloudy, your solar panels will still generate electricity during cloudy and rainy days, just not as much as on a clear, sunny day. See Do Solar Panels Work At Night? for more information.

    How much will I save on my electric bills?

    How much you save will depend on how much energy you use, where you live and what your utility company charges for electricity. But in most cases, Expert Solar aims to offset 100% of your electricity use through a solar PV installation, leaving you to pay small transmission fees as little as $5 or $15 a month.

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    Expert Solar is one of the few solar companies in Florida that handles every aspect of your solar project in-house, making your transition to solar easy, while guaranteeing a top-quality installation.

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