Amuyuwou Colombia Gets Solar Panels & Clean Water

Expert Solar and the Give Power Foundation bring solar panels for clean renewable energy and the ability to create clean drinking water to the community of Amuyuwou.

Environmental concerns have taken center stage. The need for clean and sustainable energy solutions have never been needed more.

The people of Colombia are now taking advantage of renewable energy in communities like Amuyuwu, thanks to Expert Solar and Give Power.

Amuyuwu Colombia Teen Drinks Clean Water From Expert Solar Powered Water Cleaning System

Amuyuwu, Colombia – Teen drinks clean drinking water from a hose that is connected to a water refinement system. The water system catches rainfall water and cleans it for use for livestock and the community living needs. The Solar Panels provided by Expert Solar power the water system, giving it the power it needs to supply the community with clean water.

Expert Solar has built a strong-standing reputation for its modern take and reliable solar solutions. This solar company truly commits to environmental sustainability with an opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

In Colombia, access to clean energy remains a challenge. Expert Solar joined forces with the Give Power Foundation. Give Power is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean energy and water to communities in need around the world.

Together, Expert Solar and Give Power Foundation implemented an ambitious project aimed at bringing clean energy to the community of Amuyuwou.

The project was made to provide reliable and sustainable electricity, power a water cleaning system, and help families who previously had limited or no access to power.

The positive ripple effects of this initiative have been profound, touching every aspect of these communities’ lives.

Expert Solar Installs Ground Mount PV Solar In Amuyuwou Columbia Overhead Drone Picture

Amuyuwu, Colombia – The landscape has desert-like qualities, and no power lines. The Solar panels on the lower center left are the panels brought and installed by Expert Solar.

One of the most immediate benefits of Expert Solar’s solar panel project is the improved quality of life for the families.

Access to electricity allows children to study in well-lit environments, enabling them to excel academically and pursue their dreams. Families can now engage in productive activities after sunset, which provides economic growth and empowerment within the community.

In addition to the impact of Expert Solar’s clean energy solutions the partnership with the Give Power Foundation, gave first-hand experience to team members Junik Jusufi and Eddie Meza on the remarkable journey and the profound impact it had the community.

Junik’s experience on the field was a mix of emotions and challenges. The first and perhaps most prominent challenge was starting the work. 

The Expert Solar team was used to American land, modern technology, and advanced tools, but as the team began working, they encountered the harsh reality of the desert- like terrain, the lack of available energy, tough soil, and hot temperatures.

The absence of higher technology and modern tools meant that everything had to be done manually. 

This posed a significant challenge. 

Women in the Colombian Communtiy of Amuyuwou welcome Expert Solar and Give Power who are there to bring solar energy and clean drinking water to their village.

Amuyuwu, Colombia – Excited villagers welcome Expert Solar and Give Power Foundation to their community with signs and appreciation.

When the team finally reached the community, they were greeted with immense joy and gratitude, especially from the children.

Even the simple act of providing toys and clothes had an impact on their lives, and Junik witnessed the happiness and appreciation radiating from them.

It was a testament to how small gestures could bring about significant change and transform lives.

The resilience and warmth displayed by the community left a lasting impression on Junik.

He observed that despite the challenging conditions they faced, the people he encountered were happier, more loving, and caring than many individuals in more privileged circumstances.

Their main source of water relied heavily on rainfall, and if it didn’t rain for an extended period, they would run out of water for themselves and their livestock.

In the end, Junik expressed his happiness in being a part of Expert Solar and this transformative journey. Witnessing the positive change in the children’s lives and the potential for a brighter future for the community filled him with a sense of fulfillment. He firmly believes that with the newfound access to clean energy, education, and connectivity, the children have the opportunity to thrive.

The Expert Solar team worked tirelessly to bring renewable energy to Amuyuwou Columbia

Junik – Expert Solar – Working on the project in Amuyuwu, colombia. 

“It was awesome getting to experience this type of help on my own, amazing experience in Colombia” – Junik

Kiunga Man Enjoying Clean Water

Amuyuwu, Colombia – A happy man with clean drinking water has water poured over him playfully as they celebrate the system’s completion, which provides greater certainty of water sustainability.

Another team member, Eddie Meza, shares his perspective on the experience, further highlighting the unique aspects and the profound impact it had on both the community and himself.

Eddie Meza reflects on his initial uncertainty about what to expect.

The team found themselves in the middle of a desert, disconnected from phone service and surrounded by the vastness of the landscape. The scorching heat made the conditions challenging, but on the other hand their arrival was met with a heartwarming gesture from the community.

The locals welcomed them with drawings they had made and performed a special welcome ceremony, demonstrating their appreciation for Expert Solar’s presence.

The peak of their efforts came when the solar system was successfully connected and turned on. The sheer joy and gratitude expressed by the community were overwhelming.

The collaboration between Expert Solar, Give Power Foundation, and passionate team members like Eddie and Junik, communities in Colombia are being empowered, improving their quality of life, and creating a brighter future for generations to come.

“I enjoy Expert because they empowered me to give back more than I can imagine” – Eddie

The Community of Amuyuwou, Colombia poses for a photo With Expert Solar

Amuyuwu, Colombia – The children of Amuyuwu, Colombia pose happily with Expert Solar.

Expert Solar’s CEOs, Fabio Dikena and Juan Garcia, are overjoyed with the company’s contribution to providing clean power and water to families in need.

Their commitment to social and environmental responsibility is as strong as ever.

As the positive impact becomes evident, their happiness serves as a reminder of the importance of using business as a force for good and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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