How to Maintain Solar Panels for Maximum Productivity

Solar Panel Maintenance

In our last article, we spoke about the general lifespan of a solar panel, and wrote about the four main factors that help answer the question, “How long will my solar panels last?”.

In this article, we are going to give you some basic tips about how to maintain your solar panels for maximum productivity. 

Maintenance is one way you can ensure your solar panels last long, and continue to generate and supply your home with the power you need.

It’s true, solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require any maintenance. 

A more accurate statement would be that solar panels are very easy to maintain. 

When it comes to reliability, solar panels are one of the most dependable and most affordable sources of power. 

Today, homes, businesses, and cities alike depend on solar power generation as a source of sustainable electricity.

But why are solar panels so reliable and so easy to maintain?

After all, they look pretty high-tech and technical.

While solar technology continues to advance at about the same rate that computers and mobile phones do, the main reason behind the reliability of solar panels can be described in three simple words. 

Three simple words that set solar panels apart from just about every other piece of technology or machinery: 


How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

So how do you maintain your solar panels? 

Don’t be surprised if we don’t provide a long list of tips and “how-to directions” when it comes to solar panel maintenance. After all, we did say that they are very easy to maintain. 

Nevertheless, here are some things you can do to keep your solar panels in good working order: 

  1. Clear your solar panels of any debris, leaves, branches, pollen, snow, or general dirt. This can be done by cleaning them off with water once a month or once every few months. Note that some solar panel manufacturers suggest using mild soap and a brush to clean the solar panels. 
  2. Never use an abrasive brush or soap, your solar panels do not need extensive washing. 
  3. To safeguard your solar panels, trim any overhanging trees or branches. Clearing your roof from trees and branches could also help your solar panels get maximum sunlight. 
  4. Monitor your solar panel system’s performance. Most solar PV systems come with ways to monitor your system’s power generation and performance. By monitoring it on a routine basis you will be able to detect if your solar system is operating at less capacity than it usually does and know when to clean it, trim trees, or ensure needed repairs are done (if any).

Should I Call a Professional to Maintain My Solar Panels?

Is it necessary to call a professional to come and maintain or regularly inspect your solar panels?

Cleaning your solar panels often requires you to climb on your roof. If for any reason you do not feel secure doing so, you lack the appropriate equipment, or your roof is high up, then you could consider calling a professional to come out and ensure your solar panels are clean and free of debris. 

If after maintenance you notice that your solar panels are not operating as they should, despite the same amount of sunlight as usual, then you could call your original solar installer. They will be able to come out and spot the root of the problem.

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