Get Paid For Your Solar Referrals

You can earn up to $3000.00 just for referring someone to Expert Solar! When you go solar with Expert Solar, you are unlocking the power of savings, mastering your electric bill, and getting more ways to put money back in your pocket!

Your solar referrals can get you paid up to $3,000 per solar installation! Get started by filling out the form below. Once your submission reaches our team, they will be in touch with you as soon as possible with instructions on how to collect your money! The #GoGreen energy campaign not only benefits the earth but also your wallet! 

How To Get Paid:

1. Start With The Form

Fill out the form below and submit.

2. Double-Check Your Information

Make sure your information is 100% accurate!

3. Get a Phone Call From Us

Once received, we will contact you by phone to complete the process and get you paid!

Just to help refresh you on some of the benefits that you can pass along. Here are some of the top reason to switch to solar energy. 


Solar energy can increase the value of your home.


Benefit from the federal solar tax credit. 


Solar helps with fluctuating electric bills.


Installing solar panels helps the environment. Who doesn’t want a better future?


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