Solar Sales Tools

By the third quarter of 2020, the U.S. had installed enough solar panels to power 16.4 million homes.

With a stunning 6% of U.S. homeowners saying they had already installed solar panels on their home, it’s safe to say that we are in the middle of a solar-boom. 

But just because you sell solar, it doesn’t mean your clients are going to run for their pen asking where to sign up.

Homeowners consider solar a very important investment and while they look to solar panels as one of the most effective ways to reduce their energy bills, they still have a lot of questions and will want to be sure that their investment is the best choice for their home – correctly so. 

To sell solar to your clients you will need to have basic information about solar, you will need to be able to answer their questions and concerns, and most importantly you will need to be able to design and estimate a solar project accurately. 

Two Approaches to Talking About Solar with Your Clients

Our Trusted Solar Partner Program

solar partner program

Our solar partner referral program allows you to continue to focus on what you do best, be it roofing, home repairs, construction, and so on.

Through our partner program, you can help your clients install solar on their homes, knowing that they are being taken care of by some of the most expert installers in the Tampa Bay / Pinellas County area.

Our Software Makes it Easy

However, if you prefer a more personal relationship with your clients, and want to sell them solar directly for us to install, we also have a unique software system that allows you to design, estimate and also track every step of the solar installation. 

Having a choice over how you approach your clients with solar, you can have peace of mind when it comes to your clients. 

Ricardo SolArticle by:
Ricardo Sol
Senior Editor, Expert Solar