Three Main Benefits of Switching to Solar

THE JETSONS, Jane, Judy, Astro, Elroy & George Jetson, 1962-87

Not too long ago solar panels on top of a house looked like something you had seen on the Jetsons.

As a homeowner, the idea of going solar was not only full of black holes (pun intended) but it also sounded extremely expensive and unreliable. 

That’s if you ever thought about it since most people didn’t even consider it. 

Yet today, it’s completely normal to see solar panels on houses in neighborhoods, and even on commercial buildings, as homeowners across America depend on solar panels as a source of reliable, affordable, and clean power. 

In our last article, we discussed the single biggest reason that’s behind so many homeowners nationwide switching to solar.

In this article, we’ll cover some of three main benefits your clients will experience when going solar. 

The Benefits of Solar Power for Homeowners 

Reduced electric bills. 

Whether your solar PV system is able to produce 100% of the electricity you need or just a portion of it, thanks to a lot of research done to make solar affordable, today solar PV systems are designed and calculated to reduce your electric bills. 

Depending on the size of your solar installation, and how much energy you use, a solar PV system can show you a significant drop in your monthly bills! 

Not only will you be reducing your bills, but you’ll also save money by avoiding the yearly increases in utility electricity rates, and depending on your utility’s rules, you can earn credits and funds for any additional energy produced by the solar PV system that you didn’t use. 

Clean energy 

Apart from the financial benefits of solar, solar provides homeowners with a source of clean and renewable power.

With so much pollution and waste in the world, we all share a responsibility in helping protect and safeguard the environment. Recycling your plastic and trash is one way many homeowners have been able to help. 

But today, with solar being more affordable than electricity produced by the grid, homeowners are taking their participation to a new level. 

There is a great feeling in knowing that every day you receive energy from the sun, and doing your part to protect this beautiful planet we call home.

Energy independence

Up until recently, your electric bill was something you had to pay each month because if you didn’t pay it, you had no lights. Apart from minor solutions that helped save on energy at home, there were not many things a homeowner could do to pay less for electricity. 

Utility companies, being the only source of power, charged you as a homeowner, whatever rates that best fit their interests and your electric bill would drastically roller coaster depending on the season (winter and summer being the more expensive months). 

Yet, electricity isn’t something you can do without and so each month you look at your bill’s total, and pay.  

It for good reason that energy independence, being able to generate your own electricity, and becoming free from the grid and costly electric bills each month is one of the biggest benefits solar power has to offer. 

As of this writing, over two million properties across America are experiencing energy independence at completely new levels thanks to solar power! And you can too!